Thursday, August 25, 2011

Madrid Day 1: The Spaniards Must Be Awesome

Well, here I am, finally in Madrid and I am feeling slightly out of it after that ghastly plane ride which not only left me exhausted but with numerous ear problems from the shrieking girls who were sitting in front of me. Cris, the leader of our group didn't waste any time, and immediately after landing and settling into our houses, (I am staying in Cris's mom's house) we set out, starting with mass at a nearby church. After mass, we took our first metro ride over to Parque de Retiro, the Central Park of Spain, except for this park had hundred year old statues, funky trees, exercise equipment for public use, a palace, and nude people. Yes, I did in fact see (entirely against my will I might add) a naked man apparently trying to barbecue his butt in the sun. Despite that unpleasant encounter, the park was stunning. Imagine being able to take your dog out for a walk right by a 100 year old statue.

I wonder if European's realize how lucky they are! However, apparently Spanish girls feel that way about us having Abercrombie and Fitch at every mall in the USA. In the middle of the park, there just so happened to be a building called the Crystal Palace which was a giant, exquisite building made mostly out of glass.

The best part of it was a giant slide smack-dab in the center of the building. I was wearing a skirt which made it hard for me to imagine that going down that slide could end well, so I refrained from doing so. But my friend Asha braved it and took a go!

I now officially love Spaniards. Palaces inside of their parks? With giant slides inside the palaces? I wish I was Spanish. This was all wonderful and amazing, but the real high point of my day was when we reached the edge of the park and found a whole street filled with 800 confessional stalls for the pilgrims of WYD. It was breathtaking and I can't imagine how powerful it will be once all the pilgrims and priests are here.

After seeing this amazing site, my energy faded and I went back to the apartment and slept until dinner time. It is now only 8:30 but I must go to bed because I feel my brain turning into mush! Adios!

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