The Teacher of Sus Scrofa Domestica.

Hi my name is Gabri. 

This is me on a good day. I swear that I wear more than I triangle, though. And that I have more than two strands of hair. But yellow is my favorite color and therefore I wear it. And I like unicorns so there is an invisible one in the background on the top of that hill.

This is what I hope to be when I grow up: a mommy, a superhero, an artist, a writer, and a dinosaur.

I have 6 siblings whom I love dearly.     


And two parents. 

...see where I get my good looks?

Lots of awesome friends.

I say weird things.
That hopefully make you laugh. Or maybe that is just my face.

And I actually can be serious.

But not very often. Mostly I am just awkward.